Born in Toronto, Joshua Robert David Henderson is a cinematographer and photographer. He grew up in a family of fine artists and surrounded by art. While his initial focus was painting, he gravitated to cameras and their ability to capture raw perspectives. Henderson brought a background in art theory to his post-secondary studies in cinematography and media at Ryerson University. Since graduating, he has worked in film, television, and new media. Henderson is also a an associate member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, a member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, and a member of Gallery 44.  Recently, he completed the American Society of Cinematographers Master Class. Known for his versatility in cinematography and photography, Henderson has crafted diverse atmospheres across his narrative, documentary, and commercial projects.
Henderson's art has touched on themes of romanticism, mystery, transition and placelessness. His current work looks at the quiet and veiled aspects of a journey via stillness, anonymity and obscuration.

"I have been pushing into areas of poetic interludes in time and space; finding oneself somewhere new, yet somehow familiar. Spaces are often transitional, in-between or overlooked. When I find these spaces, I shoot them in a way that disconnects them from a specific time and location. I want that they could be anywhere and are nowhere at the same time."

Sometimes we find ourselves in the places between lives. 
Sometimes it’s on purpose.